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Zanesville interior painting

Dan Pro Painting located in Zanesville, Ohio have just completed a total house renovation project right off the Zanesville Country Club Golf Course.

Taking four and half weeks to complete the entire 2200 sq ft home was a great way to end the 2021 painting season and bring in the New Year with a bang!

The home was very outdated. We gave it a complete new look, we started by removing the old wallpaper and skimming all the walls from there imperfections. After that was done we started on trim and door painting. The process was long and tedious but it turned out amazing with the proper steps from cleaning, sanding, vacuuming the dust, tack clothing the remaining dust particles and then applying an oil base primer followed by a light scuff between each finish coat. This made the trim and doors beautiful. Spraying all the trim and doors with top of the line Sherwin Williams products helps the final product turning out as nice as it did.

The colors the homeowner chose were also unique. Choosing West Highland White for walls and trim with the subtle difference in sheen made the house go from old and outdated to new and modern. We finished up the home with a man cave in the basement by adding a new wall, we hung and finished drywall then painted the accent wall Cleveland Browns orange with a logo stripe through the middle of the wall.

The homeowners were floored with the outcome and I couldn’t have been more happy with the reaction they had. Making the customer happy is what we try and strive for with every paint job or house flip we encounter.

We are excited for the new upcoming projects in place for 2022 and I’m excited to blog every job we do this year so everyone can see exactly what we do and why we do it! Thanks for reading and remember to Go with Dan Pro!


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